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Presenting: Fire Station 227 – History, Heroism and Community Connections in the Beach

Harper Vasquez

Having recently finished my meeting with Lido Chilelli, the maker of the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival, I was wanting to travel east on Queen Street to locate a pleasant spot for lunch. As I was strolling eastwards, taking in the streetscape, I understood that one spot is and keeps on being a clear apparatus in the Beach: only a couple of steps from the convergence of Woodbine and Queen is Toronto Fire Station 227, housed in an exquisite memorable structure that is presently over 100 years of age. I thought there was a story in there some place and decided to fly in.

I chose to attempt my karma and drop in unannounced on the firemen for an improvised meeting. I opened the secondary passage and saw a lot of firemen’s garbs hung up on snares and thought I had arrived at their change room. I closed it was anything but a smart thought to jump in there. So I attempted the side entryway and sufficiently sure, after two or three thumps the entryway opened and one of the firemen working let me in.

After I presented myself and the “Observe Toronto” venture, Bill Libbus, a First Class Firefighter, checked with his commander to check whether it was alright for me to talk with him, and after he got the green light he began to show me around. He previously indicated me the fire engine which was stopped on the fundamental floor inside the fire station. A couple of fireman’s boots and a uniform were remaining on the ground as though somebody had flown directly out of them, and I imagined that made an ideal funny still life.

At that point Bill demonstrated me the fire tower, a 80 foot high pinnacle that really has a reason other than to simply house the well known clock. The fire tower is to be sure used to hang up wet fire hoses that need to dry. Bill included that the vast majority don’t understand that the fire towers on the old fire stations have a down to earth reason; individuals regularly think they are just there for improving purposes or to house the clock.

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